2nd year students' essay

This is a course for my students who are studying abroad.

This is a course for my students studying abroad now.

対象とする訪問者: My students abroad

Understand the whole picture and send an email
Send me a line (^^)/
Choose one saying and write an essay
Famous Sayings Worksheet
Learn from a famous person
Inspiring figure essay
Write an introduction based on your own experiences
Write about your own experiences
Worksheet for your essay


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Yuh Etoh


こんにちは。江藤由布です。個を尊重する優しい循環型の世界をビジョンとし、人生の経営者を育てています。経営者と言っても、起業家育成というわけではあ りません。自分の人生の手綱をしっかり と握り、自分のミッションと生き方を一 致させられる人を目指しています。